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Ample cutter 2 pcs


Ample cutter 2 pcs


About ampoule cut

◆ What is ampoule cut?
Ampoule cut is the neck of the ampoule
With an ampoule cutter on the constricted part
Make a scratch and break the tip.
Or cut the ampoule that has scratches in advance.
The neck is scratched in advance so that it is easy to cut
The ampoule that is used is called an easy cut ampoule.
Something that scratches the neck of the ampoule
It is called an ampoule cutter.

Ampoules are small gala containing drugs
It is a container with a slender tip and is easy to cut.
It has a structure like this.
Contains the elongated part (head) and the drug
Cut the constricted part (neck) between the torso.

When ampoule cutting, glass shards
Avoid contamination with bacteria and glass shards
Be careful not to hurt your fingers.

When cutting an easy cut ampoule
And when cutting with an ampoule cutter
I summarized the points and precautions.

◆ Points and precautions when cutting easy cut ampoules
Easy cut ampoules are easy to cut
It is an ampoule with a pre-scratched neck.

① Move the drug to the body part
Chemical solution remains on the head of the ampoule
If you do, tap your head lightly with your finger.
(It feels like it’s repelling)
Then move the drug solution to the body part.

② Make the cut part of the ampoule directly in front
The neck (necked part) is scratched
Bring the part directly in front so that you can see it in front.
In the case of a one-point cut ampoule, it will be scratched
There is a round mark directly above.

③ Wipe the scratched part with alcohol cotton etc.
Along with disinfection, even a small amount of foreign matter may be mixed in.
You can prevent it.

④ Firmly support the ampoule head
How to hold the ampoule head is marked
A little above the part where you are, on the thumb of your dominant hand
Place the belly on the back with the pad of the index and middle fingers
Firmly support.
For large ampoules, the back side is other than the thumb
Align the four fingers and the entire belly of the four fingers
It is safe to cut it so that it is supported by.
A small ampoule with just your thumb and index finger
Can be folded, but ampoule gala
To prevent splinters from getting mixed in and to prevent injury
Load as much as possible on the cut part
I will not.

⑤ Support the body of the ampoule
The way to hold the ampoule body is scratched
Place the belly of the opposite thumb on the lower part
On the back side, align the remaining four fingers and the pad of the finger
Grip it so that it is supported as a whole.

⑥ Fold the ampoule head to the other side
The direction opposite to the point mark. Twice
Apply alcohol cotton etc. from the top of the ampoule to the neck
If you cut it so that it covers
You can prevent finger injuries. Twice

◆ Points and precautions when cutting with an ampoule cutter

① Wipe the neck (neck) of the ampoule with alcohol cotton etc.

② Scratch the part wiped with an ampoule cutter
I think it depends on the shape of the ampoule cutter
Uses a small heart-shaped file to scratch
If you want to put it on, file it on the neck of the ampoule.
Apply the dented part and turn it a few times to scratch it.

③ After scratching, wipe it off with alcohol cotton again.
This is to disinfect and prevent foreign matter from entering.

After that, it is the same as the easy cut ampoule.

Pay particular attention to large ampoules.
If it seems difficult to cut, try to fold it forcibly
Instead, reconfirm the exact position and cut
Please. If you still can’t cut
Scratch again with an ampoule cutter and start over
please do it. How many times with a small ampoule at first
I think it’s a good idea to practice.



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