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CJC1295(NO DAC) 5mg + Injection water ample


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CJC1295(NO DAC) 5mg + Injection water ample

CJC-1295 NO DAC Introduction
GHRH’s are paired specifically with GHRP’s in order to create a synergy between the peptides that will unlock the body’s own stores of growth hormone. Even though many peptides work in some capacity by themselves, it is most beneficial to run your GHRH alongside a GHRP. This is why CJC 1295 is highly desirable, and it’s one of the most widely used in the bodybuilding community. Right now, it has been debated which CJC 1295 is best to use. While MOD GRF (CJC 1295 no DAC) is commonly used with GHRP’s to increase pituitary GH pulse, more frequent injections will need to be administered. The CJC 1295 with DAC will result in a series of smaller pulses; therefore, injections will be less frequent – often two to three times a week.

Possible Side Effects
Water retention, tingling, numbness and decreased insulin can be associated with use of CJC 1295. Also noted is tiredness, feeling of lethargy, head rush or euphoria, itching. Positive side effects can be increased lean body mass, increased protein synthesis, faster recovery, reduced body fat, promotion of bone density, and cellular stimulation for internal organs and skin cells.

Dosage Information
How to reconstitute
Mix 2 ml water with each Vial of CJC 1295 NO DAC. Two full insulin syringes of water.
Only mix one bottle of each at a time and keep refrigerated.

The recommended amount of CJC1295 No DAC is 100-250mcg at a time. Inject this 3 times in the morning, noon and evening.
Example of use:
4iu (0.04ml at memory 4) is equivalent to 100mcg. The method of injecting this amount three times is for beginners.

It will be used for advanced users.
10iu (0.1ml at scale 10) 250mcg CJC1295 NO DAC First thing in the morning, then wait an hour before eating.
10iu (0.1 ml at scale 10) 250 mcg of CJC1295 NO DAC Do not eat carbohydrates for 1 hour in the afternoon, 1 hour after meals.
Ingestion of 10iu (0.1 ml at scale 10) 250 mcg of CJC1295 NO DAC at least 1 hour after the last evening meal.

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