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DECAONATE 250 SUSTANON 420 (EVOLIX) 670mg x 10ml


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DECAONATE 250 SUSTANON 420 (EVOLIX) 670mg x 10ml

Manufactured by EVOLIX, Sustanon is a popular anabolic that contains a unique blend of four testosterone esters. Provides a unique, staggered release of hormones after injection.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of this famous testosterone mix, plus Sustanon cycle information and stacks used by bodybuilders today.

Sustanon is a blend of various testosterone esters. But it’s still essentially testosterone. It is a testosterone preparation similar to cypionate and enanthate.

So when it comes to muscle gains, it doesn’t matter which form of testosterone you use because it’s the same compound and therefore produces the same end result.

So, like other testosterone products, Sustanon is an excellent steroid for increasing muscle mass, strength and power.

The main difference between Sustanon and other testosterone products is that there are four esters instead of one.


1What is an “ester” and why is it important?
1.1. How often should I inject Sustanon 250?
2What results can you expect?
3 Sustanon 250 cycles and stacks
4 Sustanon 250 side effects
What is an “ester” and why is it important?

Esters are carbon chains attached to the testosterone molecule that slow the release of hormones in the body.

At one end of the spectrum is pure testosterone with no attached esters such as testosterone suspensions.

Once injected, the hormone is quickly released into the body causing a fairly rapid spike in serum testosterone, which remains elevated for only a short period of time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are things like testosterone enanthate and cypionate, which contain long ester chains, slowing the release of testosterone after injection. And after that, the increase in the level of hormones remains for several weeks.

Between these two are various other esters. Propionate esters are a popular choice for users who want a fairly quick onset of steroids, and their effects last only a few days.

A key requirement for bodybuilders and athletes is the need to maintain a relatively stable concentration of testosterone in the bloodstream. Doing so provides the desired anabolic effects while avoiding unwanted side effects caused by volatile hormone levels (excessive peaks and dips).

With this in mind, short esters require regular injections (daily or every other day), while longer esters such as enanthate typically only require injections once a week.

This is what makes Sustanon unique, as it contains immediate-release propionate and phenylpropionate, and sustained-release decanoate and isocaproate, effectively producing a rapid yet long-lasting release of testosterone. brings a blend that

How often should I inject Sustanon?

Similar to Testosterone Enanthate, Sustanon can be injected once a week for muscle hypertrophy.

Each 1ml serving contains 420mg of Sustanon (testosterone) composed of:

Testosterone Decanoate 168mg
Testosterone Isocaproate 100.8mg
Testosterone phenylpropionate 100.8mg
Testosterone Propionate 50.4mg

What kind of results can I expect?

Being the major, naturally occurring male sex hormone. Testosterone is the number one compound in the world of anabolic androgenic steroids.

Not only is it generally well-tolerated and widely considered a great choice for someone’s first cycle, it also provides experienced bodybuilders with the perfect base compound when stacking several hormones. increase.

Results vary from person to person and depend on a variety of other variables, but users can expect testosterone to cause significant increases in muscle size and strength.

Those who are fairly new to anabolics and want to build muscle mass typically report that a Sustanon 250 cycle produces 20+ pounds of weight gain over the course of the cycle. About two-thirds of such weight is maintained (once the cycle is stopped and water retention normalizes).

Enanthate and Cypionate are the most popular testosterone esters because they do not require frequent injections. The downside, however, is that it takes longer to kick in and deliver results. However, with Sustanon 250 you can experience quick results early in the cycle due to the presence of propionate and phenylpropionate (but inject as often as enanthate/cypionate).

For those already cycling other testosterone esters, in theory there should be little difference in swapping those esters for Sustanon in terms of dosage guidelines and stacking options.

Sensitive individuals prone to testosterone side effects may experience the same results with Sustanon 250.

Sustanon 250 cycles and stacks

Testosterone is a versatile hormone, suitable for both bulking and cutting cycles. Because of its simultaneous anabolic and fat-burning action.

However, Sustanon 250 is typically used in bulking cycles where maximum muscle gain is the goal. Running Sustanon alone gives great results, but many people choose to stack it with other steroids that are also good for adding mass, such as DECA.

Additionally, the use of low-dose anti-aromatase may prove particularly useful in preventing water retention and gynecomastia when Sustanon is used for cutting cycles.

Sustanon 250 and Deca Durabolin Cycle

This is a powerful bulking cycle, but one of the mildest stacks in terms of side effects.

This cycle is available after running several testosterone cycles. Promotes further muscle growth.

DECA is a slow-acting steroid for ester beginners, so the 10-week cycle is longer.

Deca-Durabolin is ‣usually injected once a week.

DECAONATE 250 SUSTANON 420 (EVOLIX) 670mg x 10ml

Effective intake

Novice Men: 1ml/week for 10 weeks

Intermediate men: 2ml/week for 12-15 weeks

Advanced Men: 3ml/week for 12-18 weeks

Contains testosterone SUSTANON and is not recommended for women.

It contains testosterone SUSTANON and is not recommended for women.

Both Testosterone and Deca-Durabolin are FDA-approved steroids in today’s medical world and have shown safety when used under medical supervision and in therapeutic doses.

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