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DHEA Acetate Powder (50Grams 99+% Pure)


DHEA Acetate Powder (50Grams 99+% Pure)

DHEA acetate

DHEA acetate is an advanced and improved version of DHEA.

DHEA has been attracting attention as a “rejuvenating hormone” and as a diet that promotes fat burning and increases metabolic efficiency. DHEA is secreted most at around the age of 20, but then decreases and aging begins to progress. It is said that. Per capita DHEA production is halved between the ages of 20 and 40, and DHEA production also declines with age. This, as many people experience, affects lower metabolism and weight gain as they get older.
Since DHEA is characterized as an adrenocortical hormone precursor, it affects the hormone balance in the body, so external intake during PCT or for anti-aging purposes is very effective.

It is also expected to work to activate growth hormone.

DHEA is known to improve the activity of three enzymes that have a heat-producing effect. These enzymes act on the Krebs cycle (a mechanism that converts ingested food into energy) in the body to increase heat production efficiency.

In other words, by improving thermogenesis (the process of consuming calories stored in the body as energy), the consumption of fat stored in the body is promoted, metabolism is increased, and weight loss can be achieved naturally.

DHEA, weight loss, muscle mass

Many researchers believe that the anti-obesity effect of DHEA is due to the inhibition of a specific enzyme called glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase.
In a human study conducted in 1998, five men of normal weight were given DHEA at an amount of 1600 mg per day.
Twenty-eight days after treatment, four out of five men were able to reduce body fat by 31%, even though their weight had not changed.
It proved that the weight was balanced by increasing muscle tissue instead of losing fat!
At the same time, blood LDL levels are reduced by 7.5%, which is thought to be possible to prevent cardiovascular disease.
There seems to be a theory that the fat-reducing and muscle-building effects of DHEA are due to the ability to promote consumption rather than storing energy for the future.

DHEA acetate does not suppress endogenous testosterone in its effects on sex hormones.
Therefore, you can start at any time during the cycle, PCT or OFF period.

Anti-aging treatment at a lower price than HGH therapy with a daily intake of 25-150 mg / day
It is a preparation that can be started.

However, taking 1.6g a day with great results is costly to use with regular DHEA preparations.
In addition, normal DHEA has prepared DHEA acetate to solve problems such as concerns about the burden on the liver.

It is well known that Primobolan tablets do not burden the liver, but this is due to their acetate esterification as an oral preparation.

Taking the daily required intake of DHEA acetate in 3 or 4 divided doses is the best way to get the best results.

* DHEA inhibits glucose-6-dehydratase, which works to store fat in the body.
* I’m full with DHEA! Stimulates a hormone called cholecystokinin
* DHEA acts on IGF-1 from the direction of storing fat to the direction of generating muscle and energy.
It has the function of migrating the metabolic system.

It is tasteless, odorless and very easy to take.
Please try it.
DHEA acetate does not require a PCT period.
There is no need for estrogen conversion or care.

It is also possible to use it non-stop, but in that case, reduce the used capacity.
The methodology can only be found in anti-aging usage.

The correct way to use it is to take 1.6g a day for up to a month or two.

With a daily intake of 1.6g, usually using a measuring scale, after measuring 1.6g, put it in a plastic bag with a zipper, carry a small spawn and put it directly in your mouth and pour it with water. Take it orally by the method. It is recommended to take it for up to 2 months.
There is almost no liver poison.

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