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DIANABOL Depot (Injectable methandienone) 50mg x 10ml Vial


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From 2020, if a shipment is found as an injection at customs, a drug inspector’s certificate will be required.
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DIANABOL Depot (Injectable methandienone) (EVOLIX) 50mg x 10ml Vial

Dianabol Depot (EVOLIX)
Dianabol injection
Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 90-210/40-60
Effective dose (men) 25-150mg/2 days
Effective dose (women) 2.5-10mg/2 days
Duration of effect: 24-48 hours

Injectable Dbol is of great interest to many for several reasons. Its hepatotoxicity is lower than that of oral tablets, its action is fast, and it has been shown to have a rapid onset of effect similar to tablets, which is why many people want it, but it is injectable. Good Dbol can be hard to find, at least in recent years.

Also known as a champion’s breakfast, which is synonymous with steroids. It has a history of being used by many builders, and since it is an old type from the 1960s, each side effect occurs. It is a steroid with very strong anabolic and moderate androgenic effects. Therefore, it is possible to have side effects, so you need to be careful. Gynecomastia is one of the most notable side effects. At the same time, water retention in the body is likely to occur, so it is necessary to always have anti-aromatic agents such as Nolvadex, Proviron, and Arimidex. It is still popular today and is an oral (oral) steroid used all over the world.
Dianabol was originally a trademark of the American pharmaceutical company “Shiva”, and now there are products with various names that are not manufactured by Shiva, such as underground labs.

It seems to be compatible with Deca Durabolin.

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