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DIFLUCAN (Fluconazole tabs)EVOLIX 100㎎x30Tabs


DIFLUCAN (Fluconazole tabs)EVOLIX 100㎎x30Tabs

The drug for the treatment of female insensitivity, DIFLUCAN, sold by EVOLIX, is a drug that enhances female sexual sensitivity.

Recommended usage is 150-200㎎ at a time.
However, since it was originally studied as a drug for treating sexually transmitted diseases, it may be prescribed by dermatologists as an internal medicine when treating sexually transmitted diseases.
However, fluconazole, the active ingredient of Diflucan, was found to increase vaginal fluid secretion and is currently being distributed as an agent for improving insensitivity.

Taking this Diflucan moisturizes the inside of the vagina and can be expected to increase sexual feeling. Fluconazole, the active ingredient name of diflucan, is a drug for treating sexually transmitted diseases and an antifungal agent that kills Candida bacteria.
However, it has the effect of increasing vaginal secretions, which enhances sexual feeling and reduces pain during insertion.

Which of the medications and topical medicines work for insensitivity?

Diflucan is a more fundamental treatment for insensitivity when taking medicines and topical medicines.

If you want sexual arousal, Diflucan is more effective than lubricating jelly.
However, lubricating jelly can be used as a hand-painting agent, and no agent that dissolves condoms is used.

Therefore, if you want to increase your sexual sensitivity, you can take Diflucan or the like and use lubricating jelly at the same time to supplement it.

It is safe because no addictive symptoms appear. It can be used simultaneously with Diflucan.

However, it is dangerous to use SILDENAFIL and Diflucan at the same time.

Fluconazole preparations cannot be taken by pregnant women.
If you have a disease of the kidneys, start with a small dose.
In addition, people with heart or liver disease need to be careful.
Fluconazole, a drug for treating sexually transmitted diseases, and Halcyon, a sleeping pill, are not allowed to be taken at the same time.

But if you keep this in mind, Diflucan is a drug with few side effects. In rare cases, people with weak gastrointestinal tract may also experience symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. If this is the case, stop taking it and use lubricating jelly.

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