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DNP(2,4,-dinitrophenol) 99%pure crystalline 100mg x 100Tabs


DNP(2,4,-dinitrophenol) 99%pure crystalline 100mg x 100Tabs

DNP, the strongest fat burner

This article is written solely for the purpose of providing information on DNP. You can get the information provided from the background of the correct information to know the different aspects of DNP and to learn about DNP. However, it is not intended to replace advice from the medical profession. Always consult your doctor before taking any medications.

table of contents

-Mechanism that works on the body of DNP
-Recommended dosage and cycle
–Recommended meal content
–About side effects and dangers
–Prevention / Contraindications
-Supplementary information about DNP

DNP is written as the official name 2,4 dinitrophenol. This substance was used as an igniter and dye for dynamite in the first half of the 20th century. Many of the employees who worked in the DNP industry during this period saw rapid weight loss. A study conducted by Stanford University in the 1920s found the fact that oral intake of DNP was the cause of weight loss. During this period, administration of DNP to patients began as a treatment for obesity. DNP has been on the market for 20 years as a weight loss drug. However, after that, the FDA banned it from being taken by humans due to reports of side effects. Also, the FDA still makes it dangerous for this chemical to be used in the pharmaceutical market. Research on DNP has been done by scientists for more than decades, and although DNP is a phenol, DNP can cause cancer or similar changes despite the fact that most phenolic compounds are carcinogenic. I have never shown sex. DNP is now used as a research chemical and pesticide in a few states that still approve its use. Owning a DNP is not illegal.

Mechanism that works on the body of DNP
DNP has a strong anti-metabolic effect, and weight loss occurs because the food you eat is not stored as nutrients but dissipated as heat. It has been reported that the use of DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) increased the metabolic rate by 50%, and the weight was reduced by about 5 kg after 8 days of use.
DNP increases an astonishing metabolic rate through suppression of the F0F1 ATP synthase molecule.
The main functions of mitochondria are β-oxidation of fatty acids and energy production by oxidative phosphorylation by the electron transport chain. Oxygen was originally a poison to protists, but mitochondrial function has made it possible to obtain kinetic energy from oxygen. Most of the energy required for various cell activities is supplied in the form of ATP directly or indirectly from mitochondria.

Dinitrophenol (DNP) cancels this mitochondrial internal and external hydrogen concentration gradient (uncoupling). In other words, it binds to the hydrogen atom on the outside, slips through the membrane (phenol is hydrophobic, so it can pass through the membrane with a margin. Since the hydrogen atom is a + ion, it cannot be done by itself), and it is released inside the membrane. Then go out of the membrane and repeat the same thing.

If this happens, the amount of hydrogen on the outside of the membrane will be reduced, and the efficiency of ATP production will be reduced. Cells try to make up for their inefficiency by using more energy. Therefore, the calorie consumption increases and the body loses weight.

Recommended dosage and cycle:

DNP is not a drug that everyone can easily use. Do not use it just for the purpose of losing 1 kg or 2 kg, and those who use it need to learn about DNP properly in advance.

There are two types of DNP currently on the market. There are two types: pure crystalline (100% dry) DNP and powdered DNP (usually 5-10% moist). The crystal version works more powerfully and effectively. However, there are more things to be aware of when using it.

For DNP users, the daily intake of crystalline DNP is 2-6 mg / kg-body weight for men (half the amount for women), and 4-10 mg / kg-body weight for powdered DNP. Recommended. Beginners should start taking lower doses. The first use of DNP two weeks before the contest can have disastrous consequences. For a person weighing 100 kg, a user who is new to DNP will take 200 mg of crystalline DNP per day. For your safety, continue this dose for at least 3 days and then gradually increase the dose. You can increase the dose and use 400 mg per day. However, instead of taking this amount all at once, take it in several divided doses. For example, if you take 400 mg daily, take 200 mg at a time and the remaining 200 mg 12 hours later. Experienced users take 600 mg daily.

The proper period of the cycle will vary from person to person. However, I think that a maximum of 10 days is the correct cycle period in terms of safety. This is because the DNP cycle shuts down the conversion of thyroid T3 to T4 in the liver. People who take 200 mg / day of DNP will be able to maintain almost normal thyroid function in 10 days. However, if he / she takes 600 mg / day, T3 will stop autocrine completely after 3 days. T3 hormones play a very important role in regulating metabolism, but the function of T3 is of great interest while using DNP as it more than compensates for the suppressed T3 levels of DNP’s ability to burn fat. It’s not a thing. Another advantage of reducing T3 levels is that during the fat burning effect of DNP, the muscle burning activity is minimized. Normal T3 and thyroid function will be restored within a week of stopping DNP intake.

Another way to take it is to continue taking 2-3mg / kg-body weight for 3-4 weeks. Reducing intake will have the same effect as the cycle presented earlier with few side effects. And as you gain experience and become accustomed to the cycle, you may want to increase your dose little by little. However, under no circumstances should you take DNP at once. If you take 2 tablets a day, take it every 12 hours, and if you take 3 tablets a day, take it every 8 hours.

For competitors:
For bodybuilding athletes:

Take the last DNP pill 8 days before the contest. 3 days after stopping DNP, carbs are completely cut and carb loading is started 2 days before the contest to stop water intake. This is one of the DNP cycle methods that takes into account the supercompensation of glycogen in the muscle for a better look.

Recommended dosage and cycle:

1. Start carb cutting 3 days before using DNP. It takes a few days for the effect of DNP to appear, and it takes time to run out of glycogen in the body, so reducing the glycogen reserve in the body prior to DNP can have a quick effect on fat burning.

2. The dietary content during the DNP cycle should consist of 33% fat, 33% protein and 33% carbohydrate in normal (maintenance) calories. A low-carbohydrate diet puts you at risk for hypoglycemic-like symptoms, health and mental health during the DNP cycle. DNP has a great fat-burning effect, but low carbohydrate intake can be expected to be as dangerous as hypoglycemia at the dangerous levels of insulin, due to lack of glucose in the blood.

This is the best DNP diet for high dose, short cycle cycles with DNP:

50% carbohydrates, 15% fats and 35% proteins. This number, which has increased this carbohydrate intake, is not a mistake. It doesn’t increase the total calories, it just changes the distribution of meals. Carbohydrates are essential for DNP to work properly.

Side effects:

Fever – This is felt all day as it increases the DNP cycle metabolic rate. Prepare your personal belongings on the assumption that you will sweat. It is not uncommon for people to see a significant amount of sweating. Avoid hot environments as you will see a sharp rise in body temperature. When using DNP in the summer, please spend it indoors. Also, to maintain proper body temperature and prevent dehydration, try to rehydrate 4 to 12 liters daily while taking DNP.

Moisture retention – This is related to the heat generation of using DNP. Increased metabolism and increased body temperature cause vasodilatory effects, leading to increased blood volume and water retention. Further increased blood volume contains more sodium and works on the body to cause water retention. The water accumulated in the body will be removed within a week after stopping the use of DNP. However, do not try to force water drainage with diuretics during the DNP cycle. This is because it can lead to death due to the exhaustion of potassium.

Lethargy – This symptom is one of the major problems with taking DNP. Although it has something to do with the symptoms of insomnia, which will be described later, DNP does not store energy in ATP, so the food you eat is not stored as nutrition and is dissipated as heat, creating a feeling of lethargy. This symptom varies depending on the amount of DNP ingested, but symptoms such as lying on the bed all the time are common. This symptom subsides within 24-36 hours of stopping taking DNP.

Sluggishness-This is the biggest problem associated with DNP and is somewhat related to the insomnia I will cover later. As I learned that DNP depletes the body with and without ATP, it has no energy. It feels literally like you’re gently pushing the marathon all day without damage. Of course, the range of sluggishness will depend on the dose. However, it is not uncommon for people to be mostly dominated beds. Walking to the kitchen for food would be a chore. Eating more food can be very difficult. This will subside within 24-36 hours of stopping the dose.

Insomnia – Insomnia-like symptoms can occur as the body heats up. This symptom is not a sleep disorder from mental uplift using ephedrine or kafiin. You will sweat a lot when you sleep, so it’s a good idea to sleep while taking in the wind with a fan. Also, if you have a partner who usually sleeps with you, we advise you to sleep separately during the DNP cycle. Also, by stopping the intake of carbohydrates at night, metabolic fever during sleep is suppressed and it becomes easier to fall asleep.

Shortness of breath-Increased breathing rate is a common symptom. While taking DNP, the tremendous increase in metabolism causes the same respiratory symptoms as when jogging without doing anything. Also, while exercising will increase your breathing rate more violently, irregular and over-breathing symptoms can be dangerous, so you should always be careful not to over-exercise.

Dehydration-a very serious side effect. Inadequate fluid intake can also lead to overheating of body temperature and the risk of death. Keep 4 to 12 liters of hydration daily while taking DNP.

Electrolyte depletion-This is caused by excessive loss of water and salt classification by sweating. The best way to supplement the salt classification is to drink V8 (vegetable) juice. Electrolyte depletion can also improve symptoms such as excessive lethargy, low blood pressure, nausea, and diarrhea.

Nausea-This is a common side effect that afflicts about 30% of users. There are several causes for this: dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, low blood pH values ​​and other unknown mechanisms.

Diarrhea-Maybe due to an imbalance of ions due to DNP intake, but if the symptoms are too severe, the DNP dosage should be reduced or discontinued.

Headache-Most of the causes are due to dehydration. If you have a headache, drinking 1 liter of water will relieve the headache.

Sore throat from dryness-Unknown cause, this symptom is fairly common among DNP users and seems to be most common during sleep, and it also contributes to insomnia. It seems that it has become.

Allergies and dermatitis – This is relatively rare, but some people have symptoms such as a rash. You should wait for a small amount for 3 or 4 days before starting the cycle to see if you have an allergic reaction to DNP. Allergies depend on dosage and length of trial.

Jaundice Symptoms – This is an even rarer incidence than allergies. This symptom will improve in a day or two after stopping taking DNP.

Prevention / Contraindications:

1. Do not start the first cycle with the normally recommended dose. Always take safety precautions and start with a low dose.

2. You should not use DNP if you need to go to a hot environment.

3. Do not take any diuretics while taking DNP. This also includes drinking excessive alcohol. Mild diuretics like alcohol will make you uncomfortable. The use of strong diuretics such as Lasix is ​​life-threatening.

4. If your body temperature exceeds 40 degrees, discontinue use and try to lower your body temperature (bath in cold water, soak, or lower your body temperature with ice cream, etc.).

5. Do not train hard. Also, refrain from long-term acid exercise. Training should be from 30 to 40 minutes and should be as short as possible. It is done with a weight that goes all out with 8 to 12 rep at a time. You may feel that the training content is poorer than usual because it does not handle extremely heavy weight, but this is enough because the energy used in training is 150% of normal. Also, if you are taking DNP at 600 mg / day, do not perform acid exercise. Stop carbs before training (and before sleeping) to prevent large amounts of metabolic fever.

6. If you develop allergies due to the use of DNP, take allergy remedies. However, if the symptoms still do not improve, stop the DNP cycle once. Instead of starting the DNP cycle immediately after your symptoms have recovered, wait at least 10 days before restarting.

7. Pay attention to the electrolyte during the DNP cycle. We recommend that you always carry V8 (vegetable) juice with you. This is because salt and other substances can be easily taken from the diet, and magnesium can be easily supplemented from supplements, but V8 (vegetable) juice is the easiest and best way to get potassium.

8. Hydration. This is because proper water intake is important not only for the purpose of preventing metabolic overheating due to the use of DNP, but also for burning fat more effectively.

SUPPLENMENTS: Effective in combination with DNP:

Antioxidant-We recommend taking 800-1200 IU of Vitamin E per day.
Blueberry yogurt. Blueberries are an excellent antioxidant. In addition, yogurt works on digestive function and intestines, so it reduces symptoms such as diarrhea and loose stools when using DNP.

ECA (Ephedrine + Caffeine + Aspirin) -DNP does not have stimulants such as ephedrine and stimulants, so its intake alone does not suppress appetite. ECA is often used for the purpose of increasing energy metabolism, increasing fat burning, and suppressing appetite. Sibutramine, an appetite suppressant, has similar effects and works safer, so it can be substituted.

The combination of anabolic steroids, prohormones, SARMs – DNP and muscle builders is a great combination. You can keep burning fat and gaining muscle mass at the same time.

Dietary supplements-multivitamins, ZMA, etc.

While using DNP, supplements can greatly help both the effectiveness of fat burning treatments and the comfort of the user. Of particular importance are antioxidants, and the following amounts are recommended:
• Magnesium (1500mg) *
• Vitamin C (divided dose 3000 mg) *
• Vitamin E (divided dose 1200 IU) *
• Glutathione (divided dose 200 mg) ***)
• NAC (various amounts) **
• T3 (dose according to personal preference) **
• Calcium (2000 mg is not taken with magnesium)
• 5-HTP (if not antidepressant) (various amounts) ****
• Sibutramine, redox, or fenfluramine (various amounts) ****
• Hydroxycitric Acid Hydroxycitric acid (especially suppresses appetite) ****
• Pyruvate (2-6 g / day divided dose)
• Glycerol (3 tablespoons / day)
• Alpha-lipoic acid (500-1000 mg divided daily)
* = Integral element of DNP program
** = Suspicious (possibly) important
*** = Especially important for women to prevent cataracts
**** = For appetite suppression purposes (may not be necessary)


DNP is the most effective fat burner. And it’s probably the most complex drug used in bodybuilding. 1,2Kg It is not a medicine that should be used easily just because you want to lose weight. Side effects There are many types of symptoms, some of which are severe. However, if used with the correct knowledge, you can experience the maximum effect with side effects with few probability. We hope that this article will be good information for those who want to know about DNP. If you decide to use DNP, please always be careful when using it.

DNP does not promote tumors. http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov

Report on health hazards. Animal studies were conducted while no human studies were conducted, but no possibility of carcinogenicity due to the use of DNP was found. DNP is considered a toxin because the use of DNP causes nausea, sweating, and weight loss.

This animal study documented a 64% increase in metabolism with DNP use. “We can confirm that DNP effectively increases the metabolic rate.

PDF file about DNP measures.

You can learn that DNP did not activate liver enzymes (MAT) associated with liver damage.

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