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GETROPIN (HGH 10iu x 10vial)+Injection water ample


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Somatropin (Getropin), is a recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) for injection. It is a white lyophilized powder consisting of the identical sequence of 191 amino acids of human growth hormone. The molecular formula is C990H1528N262O300S7.

Each vial contains:
Somatropin (Recombinant Human Growth Hormone)…….
10 IU/Vial x 10

Powerful Getropin benefits for you include the following:
Muscle mas s restoring.
· Body fat decrease.
· Skin thickening, wrinkle reducing.
· Lost hair restoration.
· Hair color restoration.
· Energy and sexual function increase.
· Cholesterol profile improvement.
· Size of liver, pancreas, heart and others organs restoration.
· Vision improvement.
· Memory improvement.
· Blood pressure normalization.
· Cardiac output and stamina increase.
· Immune function improvement.

GETROPIN® – is a brand name for synthetic human growth hormone – somatropin. It is legally produced by the licensed factory in China. Every vial contains 10IU of somatropin with purity of 96.8%.

The tight package prevents not only from deformation and shaking, but also maintains cool during several hours after refrigerator. Somatropin is a recombinant human growth hormone, that contains 191 amino acids residues. Due to its potent anabolic action Getropin increases muscle growth, stimulates lipolysis, increases bone density, enhance sexual function.

How should I use HGH?
The main medical indications for the course are growth problems in children (due to a lack of natural somatotropin in the body). However, the drug is often used to achieve the following goals:

Fat-burning effect;
Mass gaining plan;
Proper functioning of your immune system;
Increased libido.
To prepare the solution, it is necessary to add 1ml of sterile water for injections into the bottle. Smoothly rotate the vial until the drug dissolves completely. Do not shake the drug.

HGH for children with growth hormone deficiency: the drug is administered daily in an amount of 0.1-0.15 IU/kg. The treatment period is from 3 months to 3 years. Your doctor may change the doses of the drug.

HGH treatment of severe burns: the drug is administered daily subcutaneously at a dosage of 0.2-0.4 IU/kg. The treatment period is 14 days.

HGH muscle growth: daily injections are recommended in the amount of 4-10 IU for 3-6 months. HGH injections should be used in the morning and after workouts.

HGH fat-burning effect: the course lasts no more than 6 months. The optimal time for injections is at least one hour before a meal (in the morning). It is better to eat only protein foods for breakfast to increase the effectiveness of HGH therapy. The second injection should be done 20 minutes before workouts.

HGH recovery after injury: a single daily injection is of 5 IU for 1-3 months. Eat more protein foods. It is recommended to add special supplements (glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen).

HGH anti-aging therapy: it is better to consult a doctor and listen to your doctor’s recommendations. Low dosages are recommended: 1-2 IU daily at night. The duration of the course in this case can last from 2-3 months to several years.

You should consult a doctor before you begin the course.

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