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HALOTESTIN Suspension 50mg/ml x 10ml (EVOLIX)


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From 2020, if a shipment is found as an injection at customs, a drug inspector’s certificate will be required.
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HALOTESTIN Suspension 50mg/ml x 10ml (EVOLIX)


Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 1,900 / 850

Effective dose (men) 10-50 mg/day, or 25-100 mg/2 days

Effective intake (female) Not recommended

Effective duration: 6-8 hours

HALOTESTIN Suspension Frequently Asked Questions

How long does HALOTESTIN Suspension stay in your body?

HALOTESTIN Suspension has no attached esters to control its release into the body, so it has a very short half-life, only 2-4 hours compared to other his long ester steroids. This is meant to exit the system quickly. It takes one to three days for the hormone to be completely cleared from the body.


HALOTESTIN Suspension is injected into large muscles such as thighs and buttocks. This is known to be the most painful form to inject and he requires very frequent injections at least once every two days, often once a day.

It is often difficult to move the area of ​​the limb where the HALOTESTIN Suspension is implanted due to pain and swelling.

To ease the pain of suspension injections, many users draw up the vitamin B12 injection into the same syringe and mix well within the syringe before injecting.

Also, during injection, raw material particles in the suspension solution often clog the needle. My recommendation is to use an 18G needle to draw up the suspension from the vial into a syringe and replace it with a 20G needle for intramuscular injection. If the needle is clogged by raw material particles in the suspension solution during intramuscular injection, it is recommended to repeatedly pull the plunger and then push it again.

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