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Kwikpen + 5 x 3ml ampls Humalog U-100


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Kwikpen + 5 x 3ml ampls Humalog U-100

1. How to use insulin
Although it is insulin, it is used only during bulk upcycling.
As a usage method, it is usually used in combination with anabolic cycle.

Insulin, if it is a human log, is usually taken immediately after training from an amount of about 7 IU.

Regarding the method of taking insulin, immediately after training, it is injected into the muscle group trained that day, and at the same time, a large amount of carbohydrates (necessary inoculation, simple carbohydrates are 7 g per 1 IU, so 49 g of simple carbohydrates + other Drink with a protein shake (with complex fresh hydrates) and take in nutrients to prevent hypoglycemia.

However, a method recently devised by a US coach famous for giant sets is a method of injecting insulin just before training, starting training, and training while diligently taking a large amount of carb drink + amino acid during training. Has been taken.

In addition, if you eat 5 times or 6 times a day, it is more effective to take in 2 IU of insulin 30-50 minutes before each meal. It has been.
In other words, it is a method of using about 2 IU of insulin before each meal + insulin immediately before or after training.
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2. Advantages and disadvantages
* Hypoglycemic waist becomes thicker, etc.
As a merit, when used in combination with growth hormone, it also exerts a myostatin inhibitory effect, and it can build about 15% more muscle mass than the normal anabolic cycle.
On the downside, it’s almost certain that you’ll have hypoglycemic symptoms, and you’ll have wasted stupid eating symptoms, which makes it easier for you to get wasted fat.
Also, since it is cheap and can be used, you will get used to using it all the time, so there are many patterns that you will continue to use all year round as if you were dependent on it.
If you continue to administer insulin from the outside, the secretion of endogenous insulin will be suppressed, so you will have to inject insulin from the outside for the rest of your life.

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