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Laroscobine Platinum E-UF PN Vitamin C & Collagen Injection – 12 Ampoules(5ml Ampoul)


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Laroscobine Platinum E-UF PN
Vitamin C & Collagen Injection – 12 Ampoules(5ml Ampoul)

Laroscorbine Platinum E-UF PN It works as an anti-aging and antioxidant to increase the body immune system, replace collagen loss, and boost skin flexibility. Can be administered intramuscularly or intravenously.
Also Vitamin C Collagen Injection that helps to boost skin whitening process from within.

It is recommended that this product be used in addition to various other therapy selections to achieve optimum end results. Because Vitamin C can damage the collagen in the skin, it is recommended that the remedies be used numerous times daily until desired outcomes are attained. There’s no scientific evidence that shows the product does not have an impact on collagen. This product is also a good treatment for maturing skin since it will boost its flexibility and toughness. No adverse effects of the product. As a result of those no negative effects, some individuals favour not using this product.

Other people have taken care of to minimize or eliminate their undesirable side effects by altering the skin care formula. The product should not be used on inflamed or broken skin. Those affected by severe sunburns additionally needs to prevent this product.

Despite the fact that the active ingredients are natural, they can be damaging when used in combination with other items that could hinder your skin’s collagen manufacturing. So as to obtain the best results from this thing, it’s recommended that it be used in mix with topical lotion or gel which consists of Phytessence Wakame that will effectively block the enzymes which lead to skin damage.


Benefits :

Promotes skin flexibility.
Lowers pigmentation brought on by direct exposure to sunlight.
Supports cells, skin, body organ, tendons, tendons and also etc
. Decreases great lines and also wrinkles around facial location.
Suppresses the development of acne/blemishes/pimples.
Reduces skin pores and also ENHANCES SKIN TONE.
Helps prevent scurvy, a vitamin c shortage condition.
Improve immune system and advertises antihistamine homes.

Laroscorbine Palladium E-UF PN Vitamin C Collagen Injections 12 Ampoules(5ml each)

E-UF PN Vitamin C – 58Gram

E-UF PN Collagen – 30Gram

E-UF PN Polynucleitides 3800mg

Recommended Dosage:

Recommended 1 Ampoule weekly for the first box(12week session) and 1 ampoule every 2 weeks for the second box. Combine with Glutathione for maximum skin whitening and anti-pigmentation effects. For better result contact your Doctor.

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