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Lipo Lab V-Line PREMINUM 10ml x 5Vials


Lipo Lab V-Line PREMINUM 10ml x 5Vials


What you need for treatment
1-1Vial Lipo Lab V-Line
2-27g needle
2-3ml syringe
Lipo Lab PPC Solution manufactured in South Korea is one of the most efficient products in this sphere. It efficiently eliminates fat from the face to achieve the perfect v-line. The effect from using Lipo Lab V-Line results in improved skin elasticity, contour management, skin toning and has a face reduction effect.
How does it work?
Lipo Lab is recommended to be used to inject into the face to aid in reducing fat deposits around the chin and neck area. Lipo Lab V-Line is designed to selectively get rid of fat in specific regions of the face. It targets deep layers of the skin to restore face contour. The product is ready to use and does not require mixing. Lipo Lab V-Line has to be injected into the dermis level of the skin.
Benefits of Lipo Lab V-Line:
No diets, exhaustible physical exercises, painful hardware procedures and surgery
Effect is visible just after the second injection of lipolytic
The result is stable
Facial fat reduction in the double chin, under the ears, sagging tongue, bows
Promotes adipocytes
Contains strengthened ingredient for extra lifting effect
Improves skin elasticity due to the PDRN ingredient
Main Ingredients of Lipo Lab V-Line:
Aesculus Hippocastanum
Juglans Regia Seed
Generally, 1 treatment (one bottle at a time) every 10days is recommended. A total of 3 to 5 treatments should be carried out for optimal results.
The distance between each injection should be 1cm and the injection volume should be 0.5cc per point. After the treatment, cool your face for about 10 minutes with ice and do not use any other medical devices after the treatment. Side effects of the injections are limited to bruising and swelling, which should disappear after just a couple of days.
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