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Methyltestosterone 5g Powder


Methyltestosterone 5g Powder

Methyltestosterone is a drug designed to treat the symptoms of decreased erectile power, decreased energy, and male menopause caused by insufficient secretion of male hormones. Androgens are mainly secreted by the testicles, but the function of the testicles usually declines with age, resulting in a deficiency of male hormones in the body.
By rubbing the active ingredient testosterone (male hormone) directly locally, it can be expected to improve sexual life by compensating for the deficiency of male hormone with less burden on the liver.

Do not use the following people
Persons who have had allergic symptoms due to this drug or the ingredients of this drug.
Persons who have symptoms such as rash, redness, itchiness, rash, and swelling within the next day after use.
Androgen-dependent malignant tumor [for example, prostate tumor, breast tumor (malignant)] and suspected person.
Children under 15 years old.
People with benign prostatic hyperplasia with difficulty urinating.

Efficacy / effect
Nervous weakness due to insufficient androgen secretion, male menopause, prevention and recovery of male senility (recovery), shamelessness
Explanation of the symptoms to be treated
Memories of memory: Premature ejaculation, decreased erection, decreased energy, irritability, etc.
Male menopausal symptoms: Refers to various symptoms associated with a decrease in male hormones.
Usage / dose
Affected area with thin epidermis: Clean the glans penis, scrotum (testicles), etc., and rub it into your hands 2-3 times a day to about 0.1 g (red bean size) at a time.

How to use:
Methyltestosterone is mixed with 70 percent DMSO gel with aloe vera.

General commercial products have a low content, low effect, and high effect. If you have raw materials, you can make highly effective products.
Although 1% concentration products are sold as commercial products that are not very effective, we still recommend using 10-20% concentration.

About 1 month with 1-2 g of methyltestosterone and 8 g of DMSO gel.

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