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PGE1 2000mcg/5ml(ELIXIR SCIENCE)


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PGE1 2000mcg/5ml(ELIXIR SCIENCE)

About PGE1! !!

What are the treatments for ED?

The first choice for treating ED is ED treatments and counseling. Negative pressure erectile dysfunction or penile sponge if ED treatment is used correctly and high doses (Levitra 20 mg, Cialis 20 mg) are ineffective
There is a body self-injection.

Negative pressure erection aids are highly effective and safe, but they complain of pain.
It takes about 10 minutes to get an erection, the operation is complicated, and the usage time is limited to 30 minutes, so it is unnatural and the dropout rate is high.

The corpus cavernosum self-injection is not approved by the government, but the Japanese Society of Sexual Dysfunction actively conducts it through the ethics committee of each hospital because it is an independent study. If negative pressure erectile prosthesis or corpus cavernosum self-injection is ineffective, last resort is penile prosthesis surgery, in which a bend-and-stretch silicon rod is inserted into the corpus cavernosum. In addition, androgen replacement therapy (people with low androgen levels), penile shape
There are tactics (people with a bent penis) and revascularization (not applicable to young people with partial arterial blood flow disorders and people with a lot of venous blood outflow).

What is a corpus cavernosum injection?
The penis has a corpus cavernosum on the upper left and right, which is involved in erection. Below is the urethra.
A vasodilator is injected into the corpus cavernosum to test the blood vessels in the penis, or self-injection is a treatment. Prostaglandin E1 is used as the vasodilator.
Previously, papaverine was used, but it had many side effects that caused priapism and fibrosis in the corpus cavernosum and exacerbated erectile disorders. Prostaglandin E1 penile cavernosa injection is Japanese (Toho University stone
This is the first method in the world by Professor I) and has few side effects.

What kind of person will receive this treatment?
This treatment is performed prior to penile prosthesis transplant surgery for patients who are unable or unable to use erectile dysfunction drugs or negative pressure erectile prosthesis.

How is the result of your own research in Japan?
Prostaglandin E1 was self-injected into the corpus cavernosum at multiple centers, including Toho University, in 64 patients aged 23 to 84 years (mean age 54.5 years) who were ineffective or unable to use erectile dysfunction drugs.
The efficacy rate was 77% and side effects were 0% excluding mild pain at the time of injection. According to foreign reports, the efficacy rate is 82%, and side effects are penile pain 50%, priapism (4 hours or more) 6%, corpus cavernosum fibrosis 2%, arrhythmia, dizziness, hot flushes, etc. 1%, but in Japan penile pain It is said that there are few.
In addition, reports of priapism in foreign countries were 6% because the data for erectile dysfunction treatment was before the launch, but in this independent study, there were cases where erectile dysfunction treatment was ineffective (patients with weak erectile dysfunction). It is probable that there was no priapism because most of them were.

Do you think self-injection is difficult?
Except for the handicapped, self-injection is possible with guidance.

You can see the explanation of the injection method here.

The amount used at one time is 20-40mcg.

Since our PGE1 contains 2000mcg, it means that it contains about 50 to 100 doses.

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