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S-23 10mg 100 Tabs (SARMS)


S-23 10mg 100 Tabs (SARMS)

S-23 (SARMs)
20-30 mg / 2 or 3 divided doses a day
8-12 weeks After continuous administration of tendon, 4 weeks in the PCT period + 4 weeks in the OFF period, and then the cycle is resumed.
* PCT required
(Preparation required for PCT)
4 weeks after cycle Nolvadex Clomid (PCT plan)
Weeks 1-2 Nolvadex 40 mg / day Clomid 50 mg / day
Weeks 3-4 Nolvadex 20 mg / day Clomid 25 mg / day
You will need 42 Nolvadex + 21 Clomid.

The safest S23 dosage
The best dosage for a bulk
S23 dosages used in human trials
You have to be really careful when measuring your S23 dosage, as this compound is by far the strongest SARM on the market.

S23 Dosage guide
It is comparable to steroids and is the only SARM, alongside with YK11, where PCT is absolutely necessary, no matter what dosage you imbue.

Bodybuilders usually take between 10 to 30 mgs of S23 per day, which I believe to be a bit too much, especially considering the side effects of the compound, an example being the heavy Testosterone suppression experienced.

In this article, I will be revealing the best S23 SARM dosage for both a bulk and cut, I will also show you what I believe to be the safest dosage and much more!

Table of Contents
S23 Summary
S23 is the most potent SARM available, with preclinical studies showing that rats who have imbued this compound all remained infertile during the entire duration of the trial.

This effect led scientists to research the potential of S23 to be used as male birth control, since it lowers sperm count with such a high success rate.

What is really interesting about S23 is that the more you take, the less effective it becomes in being a contraceptive, with research showing rats who were injected with the highest dosages of S23 having a similar sperm count to regular rats.

S23 is a very good muscle builder, it also significantly boosts strength in the end user.

Other than that, you can also expect to lose fat while on it.

S23 Half-Life
One of the problems we face when trying to determine the half-life of S23 in humans is the lack of research done on human subjects. To not mince words, S23 is still in the preclinical stages of development, meaning there are no human studies available.

However, studies on rats have revealed the half-life of S23 to be 12 hours.

While this doesn’t necessarily translate into humans, anecdotal reports claim that taking it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, produces the most optimal results in bodybuilders.

I think that splitting your S23 SARM dosage into two equal parts is the right thing to do, as you keep blood concentration levels of the drug high throughout the day.

No other SARM out there will build muscle mass like S23. You’re going to be mesmerized with the results and believe me, the few side effects this compound has are worth enduring.

People taking over 10mgs a day are really skating on thin ice, and they should ask themselves whether the few extra pounds of muscle are worth their sanity.

To keep it safe for everyone, ensure that you follow my recommended guidelines and practices.

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