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Pain after injection !! ??
About the cause and countermeasures,

• Allergic reaction to drugs

• The solvent concentration in the product is very high.

• Injections are given cold in the refrigerator

• Infection

• Non-compliance injection (insufficient needle depth).

• Nerve injury.

Many of the anabolic preparations we handle are high-concentration products.

High-concentration preparations are injections that are made using more sterilizers, stabilizers, solubilizers, etc. than normal products, so swelling can be caused by sudden intramuscular injection without resistance. Symptoms such as swelling and pain may occur.

If such a symptom appears, the problem can be almost solved by sucking up the sterile oil and Anapolic injection 1: 1 in the same syringe, mixing them well, and then injecting them all together.

How to avoid pain after injection?
Athletes are not protected from unpleasant post-injection sensations, as injections should be given frequently and in principle on their own without the help of a medical professional. In this case, you can protect yourself from various effects by following the steps to take an injection. ..

The main ones are:

• Use sterile oil and anabolic steroids at the same time.

• The correct choice of needle must be at least 25 mm in length.

• Hygiene. Use a new sterile needle each time and disinfect the injection site with alcohol solution;

• Before warming the medicine to room temperature;

• Systemic injection at the same site;

• Use only high quality, proven original products.

What should I do if inflammation occurs?
However, because swelling and painful sensations are unavoidable, the inflammatory process can be reduced and the pain can be reduced with the help of medical devices. Such drugs, such as diclofenac sodium and ibuprofen, or other more expensive anti-inflammatory drugs, have good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Both drugs can be excellent painkillers, relieving swelling and inflammation, relieving pain. It is possible to use the drug in the form of tablets or in the form of injections.

You can also treat swelling after injection with special creams and ointments. The cream or ointment is placed at the injection site and affects the focus of inflammation.

This can be diclofenac ointment. If the home-based method can’t help you, you need to talk to your doctor!

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