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T3 100mcg/tab x 100tabs (TOP)


T3 100mcg/tab x 100tabs (TOP)


Benefits of T3:
Unlike other anabolic steroids that provide an assortment of benefits all under a single package, T3 contrastingly offers a string of benefits which provide significant additional support to virtually any cycle. The main benefits include:

Serves as a powerful metabolic enhancer and as a result aids digestion
Valuable for people with underactive thyroid glands
Boosts the body’s capacity to take in nutrients
Enhances capacity of the body to lose fat
Promotes cardiovascular endurance which leads to better utilization of oxygen
When combined, these benefits plays a significant role in helping users accentuate their appearance by magnifying their visibility levels or simply lose weight. As you can expect, T3 is not just exclusive to anabolic users but also accessible by virtually anyone.

For optimal results when using T3, proper nutrition is important is key especially if looking for muscular visibility and weight loss.

Side Effects of T3:
Like is the case with most other agents of metabolic enhancement, Cytomel may exhibit several side effects. As such, it is vital for you to take a health check (Pre-Cycle) prior to using it so as to verify that your genetics are compatible with it. Afterwards, ensure that you strictly follow all the recommended dosage guidelines to avoid any side effects.

Some of the expected side effects include:

Irregular heartbeat
Highly elevated digestion
Menstrual irregularity

In case you exhibit any of these signs while using T3, be sure to seek medical assistance.

T3 Dosages / Cycles:
On average, a T3 cycle is expected to last between 6-8 weeks or between 8-12 weeks- this duration is dependent on the user’s experience level and their preferred implementation method. As opposed to many anabolic products, T3 comes with a rather rigid dosage structure which therefore means you need to follow it strictly for a safe cycle.

Cycle Start (Initial Weeks): Initial intake levels: 25 mcg every day. Increase this amount by between 12.5-25 mcg after every 2 to 4 weeks until the end of your cycle.
Cycle End (Final weeks): Final intake levels: Revert to 25 mcg every day for the final 7 to 10 days of your cycle.
Note: It is advisable that you don’t surpass a daily dosage of 100 mcg which is the ultimate upper limit for every user notwithstanding their experience level. When nearing the end of your cycle, lower the dosage for a ‘gentle’ finish. This is because abruptly ceasing use of T3 can inspire thyroid damage.

How T3 Works :
Human body naturally produces T3 which is an essential thyroid hormone that optimizes and regulates your body’s metabolic functions including temperature. Simply put, they dictate your calorie burning rate. While your body produces it in regulated amounts, with Cytomel, you have the option of an exogenous T3 that regulates body heat and metabolism purely on command. Provided you have healthy eating habits in place, weight loss is just inevitable with this product.

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