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TB-500 10mg + Injection water ampule


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TB-500 10mg + Injection water ampule

TB-500 Peptide (Thymosin Beta 4)
TB-500 is a synthetic peptide version of the naturally occuring healing protein present in about all human and mammalian cells known as Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4). Research has shown TB 500 to have beneficial effects on wound healing, injury recovery, flexibility, and inflammation. These desirable effects are accomplished through TB 500’s influence on blood cell and blood vessel development, cellular differentiation, and cell migration. A major part of its healing capability stems from the peptide’s regulation of actin, a cell building protein essential to healing and wound repair.

TB-500 Dosage
TB500 comes as a freeze dried (lyophilized) powder. Research has shown that best results are achieved when bacteriostatic sodium chloride 0.9% is used to reconstitute thymosin peptides. TB 500 dosages can range from 5mg to 20 mg per week. Administration is generally divided into 2-3 injections per week. Once the peptide is built up in the system, the weekly dosage is generally lowered a bit to a maintenance dosage of about half or less of the original weekly dose. Administration of maintenance dosage can be made once per week.

Injury Recovery
TB-500 Cycle
This TB500 protocol uses 60mg total (12 x 5mg vials) with a 5 week recovery phase followed by a 2 week maintenance phase.

Recovery Phase (week 1 – week 5)

Monday: TB-500 5mg
Thursday: TB-500 5mg
Maintenance Phase (week 6 – week 7)

Monday: TB-500 5mg
Recovery Phase: In weeks 1 through 5, the total weekly dose of 10mg promotes a favorable concentration of thymosin beta 4 in the animal for optimum healing and recovery. This ensures that satisfactory levels are achieved to attain full recovery benefits.

Maintenance Phase: Week 6 and Week 7 are the maintenance portion of the TB 500 Injury Recovery cycle. Here, one administration of 5mg is given to the animal for the week. Although this example concludes at week 7, the maintenance portion of this protocol can be continued as long as the healing benefits are desired for the animal.

Total Body Repair
TB-500 + BPC-157 Cycle
This protocol uses a total of 60mg TB-500 (12 x 5mg vials) and 30mg BPC-157 (6 x 5mg vials) with a 4 week recovery phase followed by a 4 week maintenance phase. Note that the BPC-157 dosage amounts are in micrograms (mcg).

Recovery Phase (week 1 – week 4)

Monday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 700mcg
Tuesday & Wednesday: BPC-157 700mcg
Thursday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 700mcg
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: BPC-157 700mcg
Maintenance Phase (week 5 – week 8)

Monday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 350mcg
Tuesday – Sunday: BPC-157 350mcg
Recovery Phase: In weeks 1 through 4, the total weekly dose of 10mg TB-500 promotes a buildup of Thymosin Beta-4 in the animal for optimal healing and recovery. The weekly total dose of 4.9mg (4,900mcg) BPC-157 further stimulates recovery and provides added support for the animal’s joint, tendon, and ligament healing.

Maintenance Phase: Week 5 begins the maintenance portion of the Total Body Repair cycle with a weekly dose of 5mg TB-500 and a weekly combined dose of 2.45mg (2,450mcg) BPC-157. This continues through week 8. As in the previous example, the maintenance protocol can be continued for the animal as long as the beneficial effects are desired.

TB500 is typically injected subcutaneously, though it can also be injected into muscle if desired.

How to Store TB 500: Store the product at room temperature in a non-humid environment. The vial should be shielded from light. An opened vial can be kept for up to 8 days refrigerated.

What is TB-500
TB 500 research illustrates multiple properties that have provided the impetus for a worldwide series of clinical trials of potential effectiveness for thymosin beta-4 in promoting repair of wounds in skin, cornea and heart. Thymosin beta 4 is produced in the thymus gland and is found in high concentrations in wound fluids. As such it has been observed to facilitate healing of injured tissue in the body.

TB-500 is a naturally occurring peptide found in high concentrations in blood platelets, wound fluid and other tissues. TB-500 peptides for research are not growth factors; rather major actin regulating protein peptides. TB 500 has been found to play an important role in protection, regeneration and remodeling of injured and/or damaged tissues. The gene for Thymosin Beta-4 has also been found to be one of the first to be stimulated after an incident of injury.

Present in almost all human and animal cells, Thymosin Beta 4 is naturally occurring wound healing peptide. TB 500 is a synthetically made version of TB4 that facilitates healing and recovery by helping build new blood vessels, muscle tissue fibers, blood cells, and facilitating cell migration. For the overworked or injured individual, TB 500 offers extremely enticing wound healing effects.



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